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Hotel El Maltese
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Costa Rican currency

The currency of Costa Rica is the Colon, the rate of exchange is 1 US Dollar = 540 Costa Rican Colon.

When bringing down US Dollars to Costa Rica as all Central America countries, it is very important to inspect your money and make sure that there are no rips or tears. It is nearly impossible to exchanged damaged U.S. currency in Central America.

Visa and Mastercard is the card of choice in Costa Rica and is accepted at most hotels, restaurants, bars and gift shops.

There are four main banks in the country Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Agricolo de Cartago and Banco Popular. These banks have the best exchange rates for cash, but normally they charge up to a 3% fee for traveler's checks and the lines are usually very long.

The banks are open Monday to Friday, and the best for exchanging money during the weekend is at one of the main hotels.

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