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Guatemala climate

Guatemala temperture

Guatemala is known as the land of eternal spring for its agrable climate and is suitable for travel year round. To be more specfic, the climate primarily varies according to elevation. The best time to visit Guatemala is November-April, during the dry season called “summer”. With May, the hottest month satrt the “winther” that finish in october.

The northern part of the country, known as the Pet?n, is a lowland rain forest with a typical hot, tropical climate with some rain all the year round and maximum rainfall between May and September. The west and south of the country are very mountainous with some volcanic peaks rising to over 13,000 ft. Guatemala City and Antigua are located in a area with a very pleasant climate. Conditions on the Pacific coast are similar in terms of the dry and wet seasons, but rainfall is heavier and there is little relief from the high temperatures at nigh, the taverage annual temperatures is 28°C (83°F).

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